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We do things differently at PaxAnimi - we do them the intelligent way

The Pivot Network model

Ever heard of consumer-centric model? It puts consumer in the center of the system and creates other parts relative to it. The other model is product-centric which is the opposite - product is in the center of the system and the customer is adapting to it.

We, at PaxAnimi, developed our own model - The Pivot Network model. By one of the definitions, pivot refers to any thing or person on which something or someone functions or depends vitally. Our focus is on every part of the system, regardless of the type, and we make it the center of its own universe. Every part is vital in our system, and change of one part makes fluid changes to all other parts as well. This leads to flawless connection and experience between devices, applications, environment and You.

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Video surveillance with advanced features such as video analytics. Helps you keep your home, office and car (and much more) secure.

Device Care

Advanced Anti-theft and data / device management service.

Baby Care

Service for baby monitoring and development with video surveillance and analytics features.


Service that changes the way we use vehicles making car usage and maintenance flawless.

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